Baxter Business Works

Our Katahdin, in partnership with CEI, will host a six class serious around business growth strategies. Participating businesses will be matched with a mentor based on identified growth plan. CEI business advisors will be available for on-on-one advice. The classes will conclude with a final celebration.

Topics include: 

  • Customer Discovery / Marketing
  • Legal Panel
  • Financials and Getting Financing
  • Branding / Telling Your Story
  • HR-Culture and Growing with Employees
  • Team Building

Baxter Business Works is designed for businesses that are currently in operation and are looking to grow. Scholarships are available by contacting Jen

Classes will be held on Tuesday nights from 5-7:30pm at Our Katahdin offices in Millinocket.

If you have additional questions, please contact: Jen at or 207-535-2905.