Bluestocking” refers to learned mid-eighteenth-century women (and men) who gathered in the great salons of London for intellectual conversation and witty banter. This literary salon “enjoyed society in undress” – that is, in their more practical country clothing, most notably their blue worsted stockings.

The Bluestockings expanded the social boundaries of what women could think, write, and do. Modern-day bluestockings are distinctly unbound, intellectually curious women.

This online discussion group will focus on issues related to women and entrepreneurship. We will select online articles, excerpts, and blogs, both contemporary and classic, as a basis for conversation and thoughtful dialogue.

Reading material will be sent one week prior to our meeting.

*Note: Blue Stockings not required, but feel free to come in your stocking feet or knit a pair as we discuss!

Meeting time: The last Tuesday of each month, 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Next Meeting date: January 26th