New Markets Tax Credit

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program was established to help attract capital to historically underserved projects and communities. It provides an incentive to debt and equity investors though a 39% federal income tax credit for investing capital into qualified projects in eligible low-income areas. CEI’s NMTC work is done through its wholly-owned subsidiary CEI Capital Management.

The NMTC program is a powerful tool that can help underserved communities attract capital to good projects on favorable terms, allow investors to book new business with enhanced returns, and create greater opportunities for worthwhile projects and organizations working in low-income communities.

Prospective NMTC projects are only eligible if they are in designated low-income areas (pre-qualified census tracts). NMTC eligible census tracts primarily tend to be in downtown urban areas and lower income rural areas. Visit How to Apply for NMTCs for more on qualification requirements.