POSTED 2.7.2020

CEI’s offices are closed today due to ice and snow. All State of Maine offices are closed as well.

As per the updated inclement weather policy that Colleen sent around in November, we ask that folks who were planning to work today do so from home, unless you have family care or other urgent responsibilities. 

Inclement Weather policy – -updated October 2019
3.11 Inclement Weather

CEI’s policy is that all employees always make prudent decisions regarding safety. It is solely up to the employee to determine if it is appropriate to travel to the office at any given time based on weather conditions. If an employee decides to stay home and work remotely due to safety of travel concerns during inclement weather events, he/she must be able to carry out duties, as needed, and be available by phone and email. The employee will, when practical, bring their laptop home when inclement weather is anticipated.

If an employee decides to stay home and chooses not to work, then the employee must use vacation, floating holiday or personal leave time for the non-worked hours. Employees will inform their direct supervisor by email, text or phone as soon as possible on the day of the event if they decide not to travel to the office or to delay their arrival time. When doing so, the employee will tell their supervisor whether he/she intends to work from home or will use personal, floating holiday or vacation time.

In instances of extreme weather, CEI will close or delay opening if State of Maine offices are closed or delayed, unless the President decides to close the office. In all cases, official notification will be given to all employees as soon as possible. To minimize travel risk in the event of inclement weather please check CEI email, website, Facebook or voice mail after 6:30 a.m. to determine if CEI is closed for the day. If weather conditions are uncertain, CEI will monitor the situation to evaluate whether to close and will provide notice to employees as soon as possible.

If the office is closed due to extreme inclement weather, the office will continue to be “virtually open for business.” Employees who have no option to work remotely due to childcare/elder care or other caregiving duties, or other extenuating circumstances that make working remotely impossible will be paid inclement weather time for the hours they were otherwise scheduled to work. If there is a delayed opening, employees who decide to stay home for the day and choose not to work remotely must use available vacation time, floating holiday or personal time for the non-worked hours.

Employees who had pre-planned vacation, floating holiday, personal time or use sick time may not substitute inclement weather time off in lieu of the scheduled time off.