Renewable Energy Financing

The consequences of climate change are all around us in everyday life and threaten industries we take for granted in our home state of Maine. A future that is more energy efficient and powered by renewable energy will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses that are absorbed into the atmosphere.

CEI is a passionate supporter of renewable energy businesses and projects, which are creating good jobs and new opportunities throughout the country for people with all levels of training. At the same time, CEI is working to connect renewable energy projects to communities and people with low incomes to ensure that everyone benefits from a reduction in pollution and cost.

We finance:

  • community solar installations
  • construction projects that include renewable energy
  • solar and energy efficiency installation businesses
  • businesses that are developing and testing new technologies such as anaerobic digesters and marine hydrokinetic turbines

We offer:

  • debt and equity financing
  • tax credit opportunities
  • construction financing
  • project acquisition

Are you a business owner or developer looking for working capital, project or construction financing? Contact John Egan for more information.