CEI makes direct equity and near-equity investments in the form of common, preferred stock purchases, purchases of member units in Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs), and/or convertible debt or warrants with proprietary capital. Equity investments allow CEI to support economic development that emphasizes our “triple bottom line” investment priorities, sector specialties, and technical support. CEI leverages its experience in making small equity investments to secure debt transactions in high-mission businesses that offer the potential for acceptable returns. Executed properly, the combination of equity and secure debt permits CEI to co-lend with its bank partners.

CEI uses social and environmental criteria, as well as financial criteria, to screen potential deals. Since inception in 1977, CEI has targeted benefits to low income populations in all of its financing and technical assistance activities. A major thread throughout its operations has been not only job creation overall, but income, employment and local ownership of assets and resources, building on the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity of Maine people and places out of the economic mainstream.

CEI also provides equity financing through its venture capital subsidiary, CEI Ventures, Inc. (CVI).

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