Renewable Energy

Environment and Clean Technology

CEI is an experienced and committed lender to businesses in these sectors:

  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental
  • Clean technology

We have financed solar, biomass, anaerobic digestion, hydropower, marine turbine, retail electricity, compost and energy services companies, both start-ups and established businesses.

Our Approach

CEI underwrites the technology, entrepreneurs and the business plan is making a financing decision.

Energy impacts every sector of our economy and every corner of our daily lives. Given CEI’s involvement in such a wide array of businesses, and the fact that energy impacts every deal in some form or another, it’s no surprise that CEI is deeply involved with energy – from policy to tax expertise to financing, CEI brings an energy lens to all its deals.

Not only does CEI finance innovative businesses within the energy sector – anaerobic digesters, integrated solar greenhouses (above), and wind, to name a few, CEI brings sector expertise on renewable tax incentives for investment and other technical expertise to all its deals. CEI’s housing deals, as well as its new building in Brunswick are emblematic of this phenomena.

Our Triple Bottom Line Philosophy

Support energy and environmental businesses that:

  • Demonstrate market promise
  • Offer skilled employment
  • Provide environmental benefit/mitigate climate change
  • Diversify energy choices
  • Make people/communities/regions economically resilient

Technical Assistance

We link our borrowers with for energy audits and incentives.


CEI is an active member of, a trade association of energy, environmental, clean technology businesses.

Public Policy

CEI is active in energy public policy, advocating for progressive, equitable practices and legislation.


John Egan, Lending