Maine Based Seafood Distribution Study

Purpose of the Study:  In the current movement to support locally produced foods and rebuild local and regional food systems, the emphasis to date has been on agricultural products. Seafood is not well-integrated into these discussions and efforts. To advance the goal of integrating seafood into a comprehensive Maine food distribution and sales network, CEI is conducting a feasibility study to identify the opportunities and challenges to providing more locally produced fresh and frozen seafood to consumers.

Methodology:  CEI is researching and documenting the source, transportation, and market utilization of locally produced seafood within the state. Only by understanding the status quo of current patterns of production, destination, and use can a viable alternative distribution plan in collaboration with agricultural products be created.  Included are the following components:

  • Seafood & aquaculture landings
  • Wholesale Seafood dealers & Seafood processing plants
  • Freezer equipment & Commercial ice machines
  • Transportation companies and the routes they travel
  • Other standalone product and service companies

Useful Outcomes for the Fishing Industry

  • Identify the challenges and opportunities to creating access to healthy seafood
  • Inform people/companies of distribution and sales opportunities for Maine seafood (in and out of state)
  • Align Maine seafood handlers with “Food Hubs” in New England which are seeking seafood products
  • Help businesses put more Maine origin seafood into retail markets

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