Current & Past Initiatives

Fisheries Project staff are involved in a number of other sector initiatives that keep us engaged with the commercial fishing, aquaculture and marine trade businesses. Contact us about any of the initiatives listed below.

Current Initiatives

  • South Coast Massachusetts Aquaculture Sector Analysis – CEI is performing a sector analysis of the current and future economic opportunities for sustainable aquaculture along the following South Coast towns of Massachusetts.
  • Aquaculture in Shared Waters—A practical hands on aquaculture course offered to fishermen from a team representing CEI, University of Maine faculty, Sea Grant associates, Maine Aquaculture Association, Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center and the Downeast Institute. The fourth course in 4 years is currently planned to be delivered in 2018 in a Downeast location. Students enrolled will receive training for kelp, mussel and oyster farming start-ups.
  • Scallop Aquaculture Tech Transfer—CEI is currently leading a tech transfer effort with commercial fishermen and shellfish growers in Maine to culture Atlantic Sea scallops. The effort is in collaboration with representatives from Aomori, Japan where a well-established scallop aquaculture industry currently exists. CEI is purchasing and testing specialized scallop farm machinery to further advance the development of Maine’s scallop aquaculture industry.

Past Initiatives

  • Maine’s Working Waterfront Access Protection Program—in partnership with the Maine Department of Marine Resources and the Land for Maine’s Future program CEI actively preserved 25 strategically significant commercial fishing properties along the Maine coast.
  • Maine Seafood Distribution Study —in partnership with CT based Wholesome Wave we are working to connect Maine seafood harvesters, processors and other businesses with “food hubs” across New England.
  • Building Financing Capacity for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation—in partnership with other CDFI’s from around the country we delivered strategies for successful lending and equity investments in the nation’s commercial fisheries businesses which operate responsibly.
  • Microloans to purchase efficient semi-pelagic trawl doors and fuel flow meters—in partnership with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute we provided loans for the purchase of efficiency enhanced gear.
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance Program—a project run by the US Department of Agriculture, CEI staff business plan development and counseling services for hundreds of Maine lobstermen.