CEI Capital Management

Investment Process

CEI Ventures invests in dynamic companies that are emerging, growing or undergoing transformation and exhibit strength in all of the following:

Quality Management Team with relevant experience, visionary leadership, deep commitment and cohesive approach.

Prospects for Attractive Return with an appealing market opportunity, realistic projections, appropriate valuation, and pragmatic exit plan.

Competitive Advantage through proprietary interest in technology, intellectual property, distribution system or other unique attribute.

Social Benefit including quality employment opportunities and environmental stewardship. Each portfolio company is required to sign a social agreement, securing a commitment to promote CEI’s mission to support economic opportunity for all people, including those with low incomes.

We encourage entrepreneurs with exciting, high growth, and socially minded companies to submit a business plan or investor presentation for review.  We expect a well reasoned business plan to have the following attributes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Description
  • Market Strategies
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Design and Development Plan
  • Operational Management Plan with Management Bios
  • Financial Plan (both historical and projected)

To submit a business plan, please e-mail CEIVentures@ceimaine.org . If we have determined that the business fits within our investment thesis, CEI Ventures Management will establish an introductory meeting (either by phone or in person).

Entrepreneurs seeking equity capital should educate themselves the capital raising process, requirements, and expectations.  Likewise, we encourage entrepreneurs to explore all options for financing to better understand what makes sense for their unique needs.  The National Venture Capital Alliance (NVCA) can be a source of information for model legal documentation and venture industry statistics.  Additional information about the Community Development Venture Capital industry can be found at the Community Development Venture Capital Alliance Website.  Finally, visit CEI for a full list of our services and products.


With a commitment to community development and social responsibility, we seek financial opportunities in a broad range of underserved markets throughout the US. Each fund is a balanced equity portfolio, diversified by industry and stage of development.

Coastal Ventures Limited Partnership (CVLP)
Vintage 1996, $5.54 Million, Fully invested

Coastal Ventures II LLC (CVII)
Vintage 2001, $20 Million, Fully invested

Coastal Ventures III LP (CVIII)
Vintage 2011, $10.135 Million, Fully invested

Coastal Ventures IV LP (CVIV)
Initial Closing 2015, $10.145 Million, Actively investing

Investor Composition, Program Certifications and Qualifications

The investor base for each fund is a unique composition of foundations, banks, financial institutions, government & non-government organizations, private individuals and CEI. Investors may benefit from fund program certifications and qualifications including: CDFI, CDE, CRA, BEA and Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit.