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A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of CEI

CEI Ventures manages socially responsible venture capital funds. For more than 25 years, CEI Ventures has successfully identified and cultivated growth-oriented businesses that create good jobs for people living in rural towns and small gateway cities across the Northeast. We finance and help to grow businesses that pay a living wage, offer basic benefits, such as health care coverage, and provide a fair and engaging workplace with access to training programs, enabling workers to earn wage increases as their skills increase. 

  • Over $60 million raised in five funds
  • Invested in 64 companies
  • Created 2,700 new jobs

CEI Venture’s track record demonstrates that a focus on good jobs drives good business strategy, strong investment performance and profitability. We manage balanced equity portfolios, diversified by geography, industry, stage of business development and social benefits. CEI Ventures has a history of finding innovative entrepreneurs in promising industries, assessing business opportunity and managing risk in light of social, economic and environmental trends, and bringing in other investors along the way.

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, entrepreneurs are identifying ways to participate in and drive economic recovery, capitalizing on new trends and technologies created its wake. Access to capital and expertise will be critical to the growth and survival of these companies. Often staged through multiple financing, target equity investments in companies generally range from $250,000 to $1 million.

Social Agreement

We identify entrepreneurs committed to good corporate citizenship and environmental stewardship, and each new portfolio company agrees to advance our broad ranging social goals by entering into a Social Agreement. With each investment, we bring our knowledge of socially responsible management practices, working together with our parent organization, CEI, to introduce workforce development specialists along with environmental, technical assistance, and consulting relationships.

CEI’s Workforce Solutions team serves as an intermediary, linking CEI’s lending and investment functions to the employment and training needs of people with low-to-moderate incomes.

Our Portfolio

  • Coastal Ventures V LP

    $14.85 Million Venture Capital Fund
    Vintage 2020

    Managed by CEI Ventures Inc.
    Brunswick, Maine

  • Coastal Ventures IV LP

    $10.145 Million Venture Capital Fund
    Vintage 2015

    Managed by CEI Ventures Inc.
    Brunswick, Maine

  • Coastal Ventures III LP

    $10.135 Million Venture Capital Fund
    Vintage 2011

    Managed by CEI Ventures Inc.
    Brunswick, Maine

  • Coastal Ventures II LLC

    $20 Million Venture Capital Fund
    Vintage 2001

    Managed by CEI Ventures Inc.
    Brunswick, Maine

  • Coastal Ventures Limited Partnership

    $5.54 Million Venture Capital Fund
    Vintage 1996

    Managed by CEI Ventures Inc.
    Brunswick, Maine

Filter Portfolio

  • Constant Energy Capital

    Coastal Ventures IV LP

    Constant Energy Capital

    Portland, ME - http://www.constant.ai
    Constant is a Portland-based fintech that provides ground-breaking, automated loss mitigation solutions to lenders including banks, fintechs and independents.  Their Constant+ platform helps financial organizations reduce delinquency and loss on consumer debt by providing a self-service option for borrowers to lower their monthly debt payments or opt for alternative workout solutions. Constant received an AITech Award for Best in Consumer AI Technology in and named to the 2020 Benzinga Global Fintech Listmakers.
    Green & Environmental, Financial Services | Job Creation, Woman Owned Business
  • CourseStorm Inc

    Coastal Ventures IV LP

    CourseStorm Inc

    Orono, Maine - https://www.coursestorm.com/
    CourseStorm was founded in 2012, a web development firm with deep ties to educational organizations, municipalities, and non-profits.  CourseStorm is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for local education providers, helping them take registrations, process payments, and market classes online. CourseStorm charges small fees to both the provider and student when a registration is placed online.
    Software | Rural & Low Income Job Creation, Job Creation, Education
  • Culture Fresh Foods Inc.

    Coastal Ventures IV LP

    Culture Fresh Foods Inc.

    Naugatuck, CT - http://www.culturefreshfoods.com/
    Culture Fresh Foods Inc. produces plant-based milks, yogurts, and creamers.
    Consumer Products & Services, Natural & Organic Foods | Rural & Low Income Job Creation, Job Creation, Natural Foods, Natural Products
  • Dream Local Digital

    Coastal Ventures IV LP

    Dream Local Digital

    Rockland, Maine - https://dreamlocal.com/
    Founded in 2009, Dream Local Digital is a growing digital advertising agency with a strong focus on social media. Dream Local delivers innovative social marketing at scale to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and has successfully served thousands of businesses throughout North America with online marketing campaigns focused on social media. The business is built to scale through its ResultsBuilder™ platform that combines process and technology to cost-effectively bring best of breed solutions at affordable prices.
    Media | Rural & Low Income Job Creation, Job Creation, Woman Owned Business
  • Genicon Inc.

    Coastal Ventures IV LP

    Genicon Inc.

    Winter Park, FL - http://geniconendo.com/
    Genicon (“the company”) is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of disposable medical instruments used in Laparoscopic, or minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedures.
    Healthcare | Healthcare, Job Creation
  • Junora LTD

    Coastal Ventures IV LP

    Junora LTD

    Biddeford, Maine - http://www.junoraltd.com/
    Junora is a new start up company involved in the manufacturing of high purity and specialty alloy sputtering targets used in various markets that utilize thin film coatings applied via vacuum deposition.
    Consumer Products & Services | Rural & Low Income Job Creation, Job Creation
  • Maine Craft Distilling

    Coastal Ventures IV LP

    Maine Craft Distilling

    Portland, ME - http://www.mainecraftdistilling.com/
    Maine Craft Distilling (MCD) produces super-premium, craft spirits in the “Yeast (East) Bayside” neighborhood of Portland, Maine.
    Consumer Products & Services | Job Creation
  • Mobile Price Card

    Coastal Ventures IV LP

    Mobile Price Card

    Bangor, Maine - http://www.mobilepricecard.com/
    Mobile Price Card (MPC) is a mobile application that displays prices on the screens of smartphones and tablets already on display in wireless retail stores. This alone solves many operational problems, such as eliminating the waste and inaccuracies of traditional paper price cards. The company earns revenue through essentially a SAAS model, which can be advertising supported.
    Software, Electronics & Instrumentation | Rural & Low Income Job Creation, Job Creation, Environmental
  • NBT Solutions

    Coastal Ventures IV LP

    NBT Solutions

    Portland, ME - https://www.vetrofibermap.com/
    NBT Solutions is a Maine based Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of GIS mapping software for the internet service provider (ISP) marketplace. The company’s premier product, VETRO FiberMap™, is a comprehensive network mapping and fiber management solution for small and midsized ISP’s.
    Software | Job Creation
  • Ogee Inc.

    Coastal Ventures IV LP

    Ogee Inc.

    Bulington, Vermont - https://ogee.com/
    Ogee Inc. is a luxury, certified-organic skincare brand.  The company uses premier ingredients and the latest scientific technologies to formulate organic products which appeal to the health-conscious consumer.
    Consumer Products & Services | Job Creation, Natural Products
  • Pika Energy Inc.

    ExitedCoastal Ventures IV LP

    Pika Energy Inc.

    Westbrook, Maine - http://www.pika-energy.com/
    Build revolutionary products to capture and manage clean power
    Green & Environmental, Electronics & Instrumentation | Rural & Low Income Job Creation, Job Creation, Environmental
  • Research Enhanced Design + Development, Inc

    Coastal Ventures IV LP

    Research Enhanced Design + Development, Inc

    Brunswick, Maine - https://www.reddbar.com/
    R.e.d.d. develops and sells plant-based superfood energy bars
    Natural & Organic Foods | Rural & Low Income Job Creation, Job Creation, Natural Foods
  • Tilson Technology Management

    Coastal Ventures IV LP

    Coastal Ventures III LP

    Tilson Technology Management

    Portland, ME - https://tilsontech.com/
    Tilson’s network deployment group designs and builds fiber and wireless networks for wireless and wireline carriers, utilities, and government agencies. Tilson specializes in ultra-dense networks like 5G small cells, with a unique capability to design, permit and build both front haul fiber and small cells on utility poles in the right of way. The company also builds and maintains tower infrastructure and leverages its technical expertise to provide due diligence and public policy consulting to investors and state and local governments.
    Business Services, IT Services, Telecomuntications | Job Creation, Environmental
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