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Madison Park Development Solar

Boston, MA

About Madison

Madison Park Development Solar (“MPDS”) is a portfolio of 17 solar roof-top installations totaling ~580 kW is being developed by Resonant Energy. All of the projects will be sited on roof‐tops of the Madison Park Development Corporation’s (“MPDC”) portfolio of commercial and multifamily affordable housing properties in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, MA. The projects are clustered together and located in a distressed or a highly distressed census tract.

MPDC is committed to sustainability and was recognized as a Green Organization Designee by NeighborWorks America. They continuously retrofit existing projects to meet sustainability standards and their new construction is LEED certifiable. In addition to their buildings, MPDC works with the Boston Health Public Commission and the Dana Farber Caner Institute to address the intersection of community health and sustainability with their residents, initiating programs including urban gardening, community supported agriculture (“CSA”), a farmer’s market, fitness classes, walking clubs, biking clubs and alternative modes of transportation.

Resonant Energy is a solar developer based in Boston whose mission is to help underrepresented communities build and finance solar arrays. They specialize in working with nonprofits, houses of worship, affordable housing  developments, small businesses and homeowners. As of December 2020, this project is under construction.

Learn more: http://www.madison-park.org/

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