Resident Owned Communities

Financial wellness is defined as the combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that a person needs to make sound financial decisions that support well-being. CEI is pleased to be able to offer this service to Maine’s resident-owned community members who feel that they could benefit from assistance in financial goal-setting, budgeting, and access to possible resources to help them achieve those goals. This is a long-term program which examines behaviors, patterns, and situations which may impede financial progress and security.  

We promote and support an approach that combines financial education (to share basic skills and knowledge), financial counseling (to resolve specific issues and challenges in the short term) and financial coaching (to encourage behavior change and achieve positive and sustainable long-term outcomes). 

Our multi-faceted financial capability program is making strides in encouraging long-term shifts in attitudes and behaviors, raising awareness about financial capability across sectors, and making a positive, widespread impact on community development. 

Please call (207) 504-5878 or email us for more information, or visit our facebook page.

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