Workforce Solutions

As a mission-driven investor, CEI has been working to expand job opportunities since its founding in the late 1970’s when manufacturing, forestry, fishing and farming livelihoods in Maine began to decline and were replaced with lower-paying service-sector jobs.

We pair our financing services with our workforce solutions team to help businesses achieve maximum impact in their communities by creating good jobs for individuals who are economically disadvantaged / people with low incomes.

We encourage employers to overcome business challenges by investing in employees and considering changes to jobs that would be mutually beneficial. We use our Good Jobs Strategy to guide these discussions

CEI’s approach to workforce development is recognized nationally for its creative models and impact. Our loan applicant assessment process includes scoring on our Good Jobs Strategy and our agreements include language committing employers to create good jobs that elevate the earning potential for lower-income individuals. Since 1977, we have helped to create and retain 41,869 jobs.

Why invest in good jobs?

Good jobs provide economic stability for families. They pay a living wage, which is sufficient income for essential expenses such as rent and food plus benefits including paid time off.

Good jobs improve the financial performance of companies. They provide a safe, fair and respectful environment, flexible scheduling and career advancement. When employees thrive, productivity increases and turnover declines creating a competitive edge.

Good jobs strengthen local communities, reducing the need for public assistance, triggering consumer spending and putting more neighbors on a path to prosperity.

We help businesses create competitive advantage and improve financial performance by investing in good jobs for their employees.