CEI Investment Notes

Community Investing – Community Returns

Notes2015AnnualcoverCEI Investment Notes is a fixed income product for accredited individual and institutional investors who wish to support CEI’s lending and investment practice across economic sectors that meet “triple bottom line” criteria. Investors may choose term lengths ranging from three to 10 years with returns from up to 2% to up to 3.5%. The minimum investment amount is $5,000 and there is no maximum.

CEI Notes provide a source of capital for CEI. Notes funds are pooled with other CEI borrowings that share the same risk tolerance and investment criteria, and are used to finance micro, small and medium businesses, natural resources ventures in sustainable agriculture, fisheries and forest products, affordable housing and community facilities. Access to capital enables businesses and projects start and grow, provide jobs, create local wealth, and contribute to community resiliency in times of social, economic, and environmental change.

Click here for the 2015 CEI Notes Investment, Inc. Annual Report


For more information about CEI Investment Notes, contact Elizabeth Rogers, SVP Marketing & Communications at 207-504-5900 or elizabeth.rogers@ceimaine.org.

This notice is not an offer to sell securities.