2017 Projects

We have four exciting project opportunities available to undergraduate and graduate level students who have the requisite skills and education, combined with a passion for social, economic and environmental justice in Maine.

*Note- Our CEI Ventures and CCML projects are designed for MBA or graduate level candidates, although we will consider exceptional undergraduate students who meet the position criteria.

Workforce Development
Project Description – Quality Jobs Initiative. The intern will perform a variety of pre-initiative research on best practices of what is working and what needs improvement in the Quality Jobs initiative. The intern will create a survey of companies using the B Lab survey or similar. As a result of this research, the intern would assess the feedback of the companies and describe the proposed changes to the program, with the goal of developing a standardized survey to use in the Quality Jobs initiative going forward.

How this ties into CEI’s mission – CEI’s approach to workforce development is recognized nationally for its creative models and impact for creating economic opportunity for people with low incomes and those at risk of poverty. The Quality Jobs initiative is another example of how our Workforce Solutions team strives to inform and shape public policies that benefit job seekers, workers and businesses.

Requisite skills/major – Strong interest in social justice, social policy, social impact. Firsthand experience in low wage jobs would be very beneficial to helping the intern relate more with the scope of the project.

Corporate Development
Project Description – Assist CEI with the definition of strategic plan metrics, including the production of a metrics glossary and handbook as well as assistance with design of a “scorecard” for internal strategy monitoring and evaluation. The project will give the student an opportunity to learn about how mission lenders and investors like CEI define and measure their impact. The student will interact with all areas of the organization and will have an opportunity to produce written products and present to the CEI senior management team and entire staff.

How this ties into CEI’s mission – The establishment and definition of impact metrics that reflect CEI’s mission is critical to our success in measuring ourselves against our aspirations as well as communicating with funders, investors and other stakeholders.

Requisite skills/ major – Strong interest in social justice/impact/policy—solid understanding of business finance and economics.

CEI Ventures Intern
Project Description – Interns will have the opportunity to participate in advancing a venture capital investment through the various stages of analysis and structuring – from preliminary due diligence to closing. Interns will have the opportunity to learn various aspects of running a VC firm including deal screening, valuation, and reporting.

This internship will provide a hands-on impact investing experience. Interns will be able to take accounting, financing, or valuation skills learned in a classroom and apply them in a real world setting. Interns will have the chance to further develop skills, by assisting with financial analysis and investment memo preparation. Occasionally, interns may be asked to attend meetings with executives of current and prospective portfolio companies, or assist presenting an investment to CEI Ventures governing Board.

How this ties into CEI’s mission- CEI Ventures follows CEI’s core mission by investing in companies that provide jobs for low income people and/or environmental impact. Interns will have the opportunity to learn how social benefit or impact is incorporated into the investment process and tracked after an investment has been made.

Requisite skills / major – Understanding of basic accounting and corporate finance are a must. MBA candidates preferred. Accounting, finance, economics majors who have a keen interest in social or environmental change.

CEI Capital Management, LLC (CCML) Analyst Intern 

Project Description — The Summer Analyst will be responsible for a number of projects contributing to CEI Capital Management LLC’s (CCML) objective of delivering triple bottom line gap financing to projects which benefit low income communities.

The Summer Analyst will participate in the day-to-day operations of CCML, learn about the federal New Markets Tax Credit program and the practices of a national community development finance organization.

In addition to supporting daily operations, the primary task of the Summer Analyst will be to generate a report on the outcomes of the Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) CCML utilizes as a feature of its financing and/or conduct a case study on one of CCML’s financed projects. This will include a review of internal quantitative data, as well as the generation of additional quantitative and qualitative data through research and interviews with borrowers and community leaders.

How this ties into CEI’s mission — This initiative will help support CCML in its mission to help rural, low-income communities by helping to clarify actual outcomes of the of CBA programs, providing vital information for further development of CBAs and helping CCML advocate for the efficacy of the inclusion of CBAs in NMTC transactions.

Requisite skills / major — MBA candidate or recent MBA graduate, with a least one year of schooling completed (required). A minimum of 1 year of work experience in an analytic or strategic role is preferred. Candidates must demonstrate an interest in community development finance / impact investing as demonstrated by coursework or employment experience.